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Worst service EVER!¡!! WILL NEVER RETURN!!!!!

It's not so bad!! People have a thing about doing the hibachi & sushi buffet, but once you get to know the people there, I think you'll like it!!!

How much for dinner on Saturday night?

11-3pm it's 7.99 3-closing it's 10.99 Drinks are extra

What time do they serve crawfish?

Usually around 4 or 5.

Do they accept personal checkes

No they don't accept personal checks

What's the price for the buffet here?

I'm pretty sure it's 10.50 for adults plus drinks and kids under 5 are free.

How much is dinner buffet

It was $38.00 for 3 of us. That included drinks and tax. So about $12.00 it's a good deal I highly recommend this place...good service, clean, tasty food

Do they do their food with MsG

I beg to differ on msg when I eat food with msg I get blisters in my mouth but this place I've hadn't had a problem eating there food there awesome!!!!

Will you be open Xmas day?

Just called and they said open usual hours. Jeff

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