Hibachi Sushi Buffet in Hot Springs

4334 Central Ave Ste A, Hot Springs, AR 71913-7357, Hot Springs


  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Sushi
  • Asian
  • Vegetarian Friendly

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08:00 - 17:00


08:00 - 17:00


08:00 - 17:00


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00:00 - 17:00

Worst service EVER!¡!! WILL NEVER RETURN!!!!!

It's not so bad!! People have a thing about doing the hibachi & sushi buffet, but once you get to know the people there, I think you'll like it!!!

How much for dinner on Saturday night?

11-3pm it's 7.99 3-closing it's 10.99 Drinks are extra

What time do they serve crawfish?

Usually around 4 or 5.

Do they accept personal checkes

No they don't accept personal checks

What's the price for the buffet here?

I'm pretty sure it's 10.50 for adults plus drinks and kids under 5 are free.

How much is dinner buffet

It was $38.00 for 3 of us. That included drinks and tax. So about $12.00 it's a good deal I highly recommend this place...good service, clean, tasty food

Do they do their food with MsG

I beg to differ on msg when I eat food with msg I get blisters in my mouth but this place I've hadn't had a problem eating there food there awesome!!!!

Will you be open Xmas day?

Just called and they said open usual hours. Jeff


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Hibachi Sushi Buffet
Lexi Bunch

This place always brings a smile to my face as I walk into the entry to smell all the fresh food as I’m guided to my seat. I sit down, the wonderful employee takes my drink order and gets it back right away, but my ravenous self is usually at the buffet table filling my plate with all the fresh food and wonderful sushi. Fast forward to when I’m so full from the delicious food. I decide to have desert, now what should I have? The pudding, jello, fresh fruit? No I want the perfectly thawed Blue Bell ice cream. When I’m done and happy I go to pay. OMG IT WAS THAT CHEAP. In conclusion, go here this place is the best in Hot Springs.

Hibachi Sushi Buffet
Brooke Smith

Large selection during dinner hours, if it's cooked fresh then it is very good❤️

Hibachi Sushi Buffet
Lynette Howell

The food was fresh and tasty. You can tell they are taking measures to protect public health. Except! Why on earth seat everyone together in one section. The restaurant is huge. There is absolutely room to seat a booth and leave one vacant. Instead you will get seated with a crowd. Not wise at all. My advice if you choose to dine there, request seating that makes you comfortable. If not you will end up in tight quarters not 6ft apart.

Hibachi Sushi Buffet
Earlese LaFrance

Fantastic BUFFET, excellent service and great PRICE for such an amazing MEAL! Excellent crab rangoon! Fresh FRUIT, MANGOS, SUSHI!Thank you, LINDA for your attentive service! LINDA never let our drinks get DRY!!!!!Looking forward to eating dinner there again soon!Must TRY BECAUSE I don't like BUFFETS!

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